July 18, 2012

In no certain order…

1. They are the PERFECT size if you live in a small space and/or like to travel a lot – nothing fits under that airplane seat better than a Chi.

2. Want a 5 pound bag of kibble to last longer than a week? You need a Chi!

3. These dogs are wicked smart – so if you’re looking for a new hobby, training a Chi is loads of fun! That Border Collie (who sheds like a mutha) ain’t got nothin over these Chi’s in an agility competition! (Okay, that might be a stretch, but these little guys are agile and competitive!)

4. Do you like to walk? So does your new Chi! Do you like to run? So does your new Chi! Do you like to sit around and watch TV? So does your new Chi! In other words, there are few things in life that you like to do that your little Chi doesn’t.

5. They play ball like the big breeds, but when they bring it back to you, it’s not all slobbery (like Lucy playing with her ball in her video).

6. Had a stressful day and just need a hug? Well, Chi’s love to love – like Justin with Amy in his video. Now imagine coming home from a bad day and that’s what you walk into… Talk about turning your frown upside down!

7. You like white dogs? I’ve got your white Chi. You like black dogs? I’ve got your black Chi. You like beautiful little strawberry blondes? Then Lucy has been waiting since March for you – go get her NOW!! Better yet, take all three (Oakland’s limit) and then you can color coordinate…

8. Do you like mystery surrounding from where your breed originated? You definitely need a Chi! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chihuahua_(dog)

9. Are you single? If you’re a guy, a little Chi is the ultimate chick magnet! Think about it, what fun-loving, beautiful girl can walk past and not start up a conversation just so she can play with your Chi?? The girl you have no desire to know better, that’s who.

10. Do you want to buy your little dog clothes, but swore you would never be “that girl”? You’re in luck! Most Chi’s need at least a little T-shirt when there is a big chill – my Rodger’s favorite is the one that says “Daddy’s Girl”. If you don’t do it, you’re a bad mom! :-) You’re welcome.