Hector #2 Ollie - Ollie Chihuahua Age: 2-3 years old Male, Neutered 7 lbs I’m a cuddler, yep, that’s my core. I’m good on the leash and working on that stupid potty training too but deep down, I want to find my soul mate! I’ve been told that I’m really cute – true that! […]
Clover #3 Clover - Clover is a goofball of a girl who will make you laugh out loud. She twirls, she wags, she throws toys in the air! She loves to run around the yard and play peek-a-boo. Clover is also totally down to chill and snuggle. She’s always excited about mealtime, and she […]
Ella #6 Ella - Ella is a 10 lb. affectionate and playful 1.5-2 year old Chi-weenie. Ella loves other small dogs (she lives with three in her foster home) and has greeted a large shepherd very politely through a fence. Ella has medium energy, rarely barks and loves to amuse herself with stuffed toys […]
JJ - Photo Shoot #4 Jeremiah - Jeremiah Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Age: 4-5 years old Male, Neutered 13 lbs Are you looking for a companion, someone who will love you no matter what? Me too! My name is Jeremiah and I’m in touch with my sensitive side. I’m told that I should be into agility, track and […]
Dakota- Photo Shoot #1 Dakota - Dakota Chihuahua/Basenji mix Age: 4 years old Female, Spayed 12 lbs Oh my, you’re looking at me!! I sure hope that you have another dog at home because I love having doggy friends around. I’m pretty laid back, sort of go with the flow type girl – throwback hippie, flower […]
Delilah #11 Delilah (Dee) - Delilah Chihuahua Age: approx. 2 years Female, Spayed 6 lbs Adoption Fee: $125 (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations) Delilah (“Dee”) is a 6 pound Chihuahua, tiny but sturdy. Think Barbara Stanwyck. Dee was rescued from a puppy mill with 46 other dogs; a tough beginning has not diminished her sweetness. She […]
Lucky #1 Lucky - Lucky Chihuahua Age: Approximately 3 years old Male, Neutered 13 lbs Lucky is a happy pup looking for his person and forever home! This tan tank loves attention, laps and lots of cuddles. He is a total people pleaser and wants nothing more than to warm your lap. Lucky takes […]
Malcolm #2 Malcolm - Malcolm Chihuahua / Pug? Mix Age: 10 months Male, Neutered 9 lbs Adoption Fee: $125 (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations) Malcolm is a young pup ready to embrace life and all it has to offer. Malcolm is shy, but extremely sweet. The shelter is no place for a timid puppy, so […]
Pancho#1 Pancho - Pancho Chihuahua Mix Age: 8 years old? Male, Neutered 10 lbs Adoption Fee: Donation (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations) Pancho is a sweet senior looking for his forever home! He loves attention from everyone, especially kids. Sadly, Pancho has been overlooked until now. Pancho came into the shelter as a stray […]
Louie #1 Louie - Louie Beagle / Chihuahua Mix Age: approx. 5 years? Male, Neutered 13 lbs Adoption Fee: $125 (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations) Louie is a lover! This Beagle/Chihuahua mix is equal parts adorable and sweet. Louie loves people and dogs alike. He’s bonded closely with his foster brothers and enjoys playing, cuddling […]