Brutus is the Power of Chi’s first visually impaired chi. But you can’t tell at first glance! What this amazing, courageous and resilient chi lacks in vision, he makes up for with his unconditional love and other acute senses.

Brutus is about 6 years old and 8 lbs of awesomeness. Brutus is happy-go-lucky and eager to make friends with everyone he meets! Brutus is very social and gets along well with both big and small dogs; he is currently being fostered with his two Boxer sisters and a French Bulldog brother. Brutus walks well on leash and is a good judge of his surroundings, he has tackled going up stairs and is working going down them! Despite being almost blind, Brutus enjoys exploring his foster home and yard, he is careful but brave! Brutus has been known to prance around like an Arabian pony when he gets excited.

Brutus is super affectionate, he loves falling asleep on your chest, in your lap or just laying next to you while you’re working. His favorite treat is smooth peanut butter. Brutus is one smart cookie and recently learned to sit. Brutus is potty-trained and working on becoming crate trainined. Brutus is thriving in his foster home; his foster parents are truly impressed at the amount of confidence he continues to display and develop on a daily basis. In a recent Facebook post they noted:

“Every day Brutus gets more trusting of being picked up and held. Today he let me put him on his back and give him tummy rubs without squirming. He just laid in my arms and licked the tip of my nose. He is a smart, courageous, loving, sweet little bundle of joy who needs someone to help him continue to build his confidence as he has new adventures and shares all his love with those lucky enough to be in his life. So blessed to have him with us until he finds a forever home. What a gift to us.”

Brutus is part of our Oakland Animal Services foster program, therefore his adoption fee is $135 and his adoption will be finalized through the shelter. Please fill out an adoption application or email the Power of Chi at if you are interested in meeting Brutus.


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Posted: October 4th, 2016

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