I wandered into the garage of a good Samaritan in Oakland, looking for my home. Then I wandered out of the garage, then came back in a couple days later. Since I had a leash and harness on, I doubt that I had wandered far from where I once lived, but the good Samaritan couldn’t find my owners and took me to the Oakland Shelter, where no one came for me. I was already spayed, but no microchip.

I was devastated at being dumped and made sure everyone knew how unhappy I was, which made me a bad candidate for most rescue groups. I was put on the list for euthanasia. Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs took a chance on me, and pulled me on Christmas Day (thank you Santa).

I will probably always be one of “those small dogs” that is “people selective.” I love my foster mom, and have warmed up to my foster dad. I will eventually warm up to other people, but understandably, given my past circumstances, new owners will need to earn my trust. I get along well with the other dogs in my foster home (not sure about cats).

I love walks on a leash and snuggling with the people I trust.

*This is a courtesy post for Nobody’s Perfekt rescue :)

Carm #3

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Posted: February 1st, 2019

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