Ella is a 10 lb. affectionate and playful 1.5-2 year old Chi-weenie. Ella loves other small dogs (she lives with three in her foster home) and has greeted a large shepherd very politely through a fence. Ella has medium energy, rarely barks and loves to amuse herself with stuffed toys and relax in her doggie bed. It doesn’t take long for this friendly and wiggly pup to warm up especially when treats are involved, but she can be submissive and a little unsure when first meeting new people.

Ella is perfecting her house-training; she signals when she needs to go outside and has been left for up to 5 hours inside without an accident. She sleeps quietly in a crate, but would be over the moon about sleeping in the bed! Ella is confident about exploring the yard and her foster house. She is curious about her feline foster siblings, but hasn’t had a proper introduction yet. Ella was found roaming the streets of Oakland and brought to the shelter by Animal Control. Although not much is known about her history we know she has a bright future and will make someone very happy!

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Posted: May 8th, 2018

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