*Please note this is a courtesy posting for Nobody’s Perfekt Rescue* 

Chihuahua Mix
Age: approx 6 years old
Female, spayed, Special Needs
13 lbs

Adoption Fee: Donation (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations)

Frida ended up in the Contra Costa Animal Shelter. She had some medical issues that were beyond the shelter’s resources. She was transferred to the Berkeley Animal Shelter, where they repaired a fairly large inguinal hernia, removed a couple of mammary lumps and spayed her. Both the shelters’ vets notated a significant heart murmur (grade 4 out of 6). At the Berkeley Shelter she was in 3 different foster homes and returned each time. She can be a little overbearing with some dogs, and can sometimes work herself up in a tizzy behind a barrier or on a leash. So the shelter called us to pull her into foster care.

We temporarily moved her into an experienced foster home with lots of other dogs, mostly bigger than her. There were no issues with bullying on her part, and she engaged in play with a couple of the dogs. The foster home didn’t experience any barrier freak-outs or guarding. Frida was then transferred to new foster home with smaller dogs of the same temperament – “you mess with me, I mess with you right back.” It took a couple days of adjustment, but the dogs figured it out. She may have some food bowl guarding issues. It is recommended that people don’t try and interfere with her eating time.

However, we needed to address her heart murmur. We had our vet do a cardiac work-up, and she was diagnosed with mitral valve disease, and put on Vetmedin (there was no associated hypertension or fluid build up, at this time). She will be on the medication for the remainder of her life, and possibly other medications as the heart disease progresses. She may live another 2 years or more.

She needs a very experienced adopter with whom she can feel secure. Our experience has been when there is a strong pack leader in the home, the insecure behaviors mostly disappear. She could be with other dogs, as long as they can hold their own with her.

Please note that we don’t adopt any of our dogs out to homes with children under the age of 13.

Profile with more pictures: https://www.nobodysperfektdogs.org/available-dogs#/frida Online Application: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/iZGvVDc5sU9c

For more information about Frida, contact 510-459-0396 (cell / text) nobodysperfektdogs@comcast.net

Posted: August 29th, 2020

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