I haven’t had an easy puppy life over the last year, I thought I found my forever home twice but it wasn’t meant to be. It was tough, but I’m not giving up! I know it’s out there, my perfect person and family.

My name is Jeremiah; people call me JJ for short. I was surrendered to Oakland Animal Services after my owner lost her home and couldn’t keep my brother and I. My brother was transported to a Canadian rescue and the Power of Chi placed me into an amazing foster home when I started to develop kennel stress. I was the first Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua the rescue accepted! I’m a sensitive soul with a HUGE heart. How could they resist?

I’m 4-5 years old and about 13lbs; mostly legs. I have a lot of Italian Greyhound traits-elegant high-stepping gait, speed and a gentle personality. But I can’t deny my Chihuahua side – I love snuggling under the covers and can be a picky eater.

I prefer a quieter environment, right now I live with 11 other pups that range from tiny to medium size. I get along well with other dogs but can be a bit of a loner. Instead of a crate, I find comfort under the bed-a little Chi cave. Despite being shy at first, I’m loving and affectionate in nature. My cuddle skills are serious – I love spooning! I would do best in a home where I have a yard. I need someone who is dog savvy, can help build my confidence and will be patient and understanding with me.

Please Click on the Below Links for Adorable Videos of Me:

JJ Playing with Tucker & Chula

JJ Running with the Pups

Pups Playing

JJ - Photo Shoot #3

JJ - Photo Shoot #7JJ - Photo Shoot #4








JJ - Photo Shoot #13

JJ - Photo Shoot #8

JJ - Photo Shoot #9











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Posted: December 12th, 2018

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