They call me La Diabla a.k.a LaDi, I’m between 8-10 years old and about 4.5 lbs. Don’t get it twisted, I’m no crotchety old lady, I have spunk and charisma! I steal hearts with my amazing personality.

I was originally found locked in a crate with three other Chihuahuas in a park. I was a hot mess when I came into the shelter; I had a corneal ulcer, dental disease, sniffly nose and kennel cough. I’m on my way to 100% and that park is all behind me, now I’m just a happy go lucky chi looking for her forever home!

I’m very loving and affectionate; if you’re looking for the perfect companion and BFF that’s me! Plus I’m tiny, so you can take me everywhere with you! I love my people and following them around. I have a slight case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) even if it’s just the bathroom there could be a party in there and I want to come. Some of my favorite activities including: sitting/napping on my foster dad’s desk while he works, playing princess and the pea in pillows and sheets, sunbathing or “pray to the sun gods” as my foster parents joke and playing paddy cake. Yes, I really high-five! My latest trick is full teeth smiling, I can hold my grin for a full minute. What can I say, I’m happy happy and hilarious old broad.

I adore all people! I crack my foster mom when she brings me to work because I perk up when I see certain people and put on a show for them whenever they pass my crate. If you’re sitting or laying down, I want to be as close and snuggly as possible, so I will find any place I can fit either on or next to you! I’m not one for being held yet, but I’m starting to enjoy cuddling through forced snuggles, lol.

I’m very smart and super treat motivated; I’m potty pad trained and house-trained, so I will go to the door to be let out. I’m also crate-trained and like to go into my crate to hang out or sleep. I enjoy walks and I’m amazing on leash. I’m doing very well being in a household of dogs and cats, but I’m an attention hog and tend to get protective of my space, especially when I’m sleeping. I was very bonded to my sister in the shelter, so I do form strong bonds, but I need fur siblings that respect their elders and my boundaries. Cats are meh… I don’t mind them and usually just ignore them. Some other fun facts about me are: I like sleeping on my back, making the cutest snores, sticking my tongue out and claiming all the best dog beds in the house!

I’m very low maintenance, so if you’re a couch potato, retired, work from home, a senior like me or just chill/easy going we’d be a great match. I only bark on command or if someone barks at me, so I’d do well as an apartment dweller. I do have dry eye in my right eye, so I’ll need daily eye ointment, therefore I need someone willing to love me: eye and all!

If you’re interested in meeting me please fill out an application on the Power of Chi’s website or email I’m part of the Oakland Animal Services foster program, so my adoption fee is $135.


Black and White Senior #1LaDiLaDi #3Black and White Senior #2LaDi #2


Posted: September 6th, 2016

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