I’m Lizzie, I’m 4.8 pounds of love, spunk and sweetness! I’m 8 years old, but age is just a number, I have the energy of a young pup. I’m missing a few teeth, so I’m a tongue wager. My tongue gives me character and makes me more photogenic! I was rescued from a horrible situation with LOTS of other Chihuahuas. I’m seeing so many things for the first time – grass, a home, etc. It’s exciting; I’m curious and I love exploring – Call me Dora the Explorer.

Don’t let my petite size fool you, I have a healthy appetite and can eat my weight in treats and food. I have a wonky gate, which might be a slight luxating patella but it doesn’t slow me down or stop me from leaping on the bed. So far my favorite activities include burrowing in blankets, belly rubs, taking naps, sunbathing and going to work with my foster mom.

I’m very dog social and would love a forever home with a fur brother or sister. I don’t mind cats either! I’m super friendly, affectionate and I bond easily. I’ll be your shadow and will happily warm your feet while you’re doing dishes. I’m smart and a quick learner, so I walk well on leash and have great potty skills.

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Posted: February 13th, 2018

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