*Please note this is a courtesy posting for Nobody’s Perfekt Rescue* 

Age: Senior (maybe 8?)
Male, Neutered
7.5 lbs

Adoption Fee: $125 (includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations)

Paulie’s previous owners didn’t seem to understand him or want to take the time to work with him? They dumped him multiple times at the Oakland Shelter only to retrieve him each time, until they finally gave up. Needless to say, Paulie has never had a reason to trust people. The shelter scheduled him for euthanasia. However, a couple of the volunteers saw something in Paulie that made them believe that he could learn to love and trust humans, so they contacted Nobody’s Perfekt Dogs Rescue.

After 2 months of being in a foster home that showed him patience and love, giving him time to trust them, he has made a lot of progress. It was obvious that he had been physically mistreated, often cowering with any sudden movements by his foster family. His first instinct when trying to handle him in a way that he didn’t understand (putting on a collar or harness, vet exams, etc.) was to try and bite. But he slowly accepted physical affection by his foster family. He will seek out family members for a cuddle.

Paulie’s self appointed mission in life is to be the steward of the home’s dog toys. He meticulously gathers the unattended dog toys in the home and puts them in his dog bed, taking inventory.

He loves walks and is treat motivated. He gets along with the other dogs in the foster home. He should be okay with cats.

He needs a quiet home that will let him adjust to a new environment on his own timeline – someone who will go slow and be sensitive to his past abuse. He will probably always need a muzzle when at the vet’s office. He doesn’t have any chronic health problems at this time.

Please note that Nobody’s Perfekt don’t adopt any of our dogs out to homes with children under the age of 13.

Profile with more pictures: https://www.nobodysperfektdogs.org/available-dogs#/paulie

Online Application: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/iZGvVDc5sU9c

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Posted: December 30th, 2020

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