Ranger is a joyful Chihuahua mix who loves life! Ranger was rescued from a hoarding situation with 45 other dogs and hasn’t looked back! This resilient little girl is sweet, loving and playful. She has the energy and curiosity of a young pup, but also knows how to mellow out.

Ranger has never met a dog she didn’t like, she loves all dogs big or small! Ranger is great at off-leash walking and loose leash walking. Ranger’s favorite activities including playing, going on long hikes, cuddling on her Basset Hound foster brother and exploring the world.  Ranger has picked up potty-training really fast, she still needs a little patience and coaching, however she has very little accidents with a routine.

Ranger is a real love bug and will show you by giving you a million kisses! She is friendly, affectionate and rarely barks. Although she is initially shy meeting new people, if you give her a few minutes and let her approach you she will be your new best friend. She loves to snuggle in bed and under the covers at night. In fact, her snuggle game is expert level!

The more Ranger explores the world the more confident she becomes. She would do great in a big family of humans and dogs.












Posted: April 4th, 2018

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