The cuteness factor of these two if off the charts! Ricky and Lucy are a 6 pound senior bonded pair around 10 years old who must be adopted together. They are a spunky, lovable duo who adore people as much as they adore each other. They are social with other dogs big and small and are curious little creatures who like to help you do chores such as put away dishes and do laundry (or rather sit on the dishwasher door while you’re trying to do dishes and sit on the clothes while you’re trying to either put them in the washing machine or fold them). Garnering all of the attention wherever they go, they aren’t picky about whose lap they hang out in as long as there is a lap available. The trick is trying to stand up faster than they are able to jump back in your lap when it’s time to get up. If you are looking for the perfect starter Chi’s or just looking for a wonderful set of companion Chi’s you can take absolutely anywhere, Ricky and Lucy fill the bill. Contact us today to meet this darling duo!

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Posted: May 22nd, 2016

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