Are you looking for a lovable chi to warm your lap, keep you company or just brighten up your day? Then you are looking in the right place!

My name is Ruthie, I’m 3-4 years old and about 8 pounds. I’m a total love bug and a pretty smart cookie as well. I’m basically everything you’re looking for in a chi and more! I was found in the shelter’s night drop box with seven other dogs some which tested positive for parvo. Luckily I had a clean bill of health minus a little sneeze. I quickly became a volunteer favorite because I loved people and had such a sweet and friendly disposition. Every once in awhile I would yelp or scream when startled or uncomfortable, so volunteers figured I wasn’t treated so great in my previous life. These days that is all behind me because I found an amazing foster home.

I’m great on leash and very dog social, my current foster sister is a giant senior black lab who I adore. I love small dogs as well and would do great in a multi-dog household. I’m house trained and pick up new routines quickly because I’m a people pleaser. I tend to seek out my person right away and bond quickly; everyone in the household is chopped liver while I warm up. I’m friendly, social and affectionate, but I prefer to come to you to say hi when I’m ready.

One of my favorite activities is rolling and basking in the sun. Like a typical chi, I’m not a fan of the rain..I have a lot of personality and people say I’m extra cute. I’m naturally curious and will follow you around to see what’s going on, but I’m not yapping and don’t bark much. My foster mom takes me to work with her and I’m awesome at greeting and interacting with all kinds of people and pups. I’m exhibiting some signs of separation anxiety, so I need an experienced dog owner who is willing to work with me. In return, I’llĀ  shower you with love, chi kisses and promise to always warm your lap.

Ruthie #3

Ruthie #2

Ruthie #1

Posted: November 12th, 2017

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