This little firecracker is a ball of adorable energy all in less than 5 pounds. She is just about a year old and was found dumped in Oakland where a good samaritan found her cold and scared in a shed. Shuby needs a Chihuahua experienced home that is comfortable working with her on possible separation anxiety, likely a side effect from being dumped. She has also exhibited resource guarding from other dogs with her foster mom. The lucky adopter of this little spirit would do well to continue her training in tricks and agility (see video link below). Her foster mom has taught her sit, down and how to jump through a hoop and when she hears sit, we’ve never seen a little rear hit the ground so fast! She also has a stylized down that is too cute for words. She does wonderfully with social small dogs as long as she has a few minutes to warm up to them. Shuby is a bit afraid of big dogs though so would need to be introduced slowly and learn that they aren’t as scary as she thinks them to be. Is Shuby your next loving companion? Complete an online application and let’s set up a meet and greet today!

Shuby jumping hoops…


Shuby-4 Shuby-3 Shuby-2 Shuby-1



Posted: August 20th, 2017

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