Wanda here! I’m a BBC, Big Beautiful Chi, with a gentle soul and lots of love to give. I’m about 8 years old and 10.5 lbs. 

I come from pretty humble beginnings and a life of neglect, but you can’t tell from my sweet and loving demeanor. I was brought into the shelter as a stray; obese, covered in fleas and with an upper respiratory infection. The Power of Chi saw me huddled up in the corner of my kennel and offered to bathe me when a shelter staff member mentioned I needed flea medicine. Little did they know how bad it really was, I was crawling with thousands of fleas and it took an hour to get me flea-free and my fur white again. They said, they’d never seen anything so bad before. It was during my bath that they pledged to get me into a foster home and healthy. Now I’m happy in a great foster home and I’m finally starting to enjoy the life I deserve minus a little annoying thing called a diet, urgh…I’ve already lost a pound, so I’ll be back to my prime in no time!
More than anything I want to find a forever home! I’m very well-mannered, I never jump or bark but I always wag my tail to let you know I’m happy to see you.  I’m a total lap dog, I love to be picked up and snuggled with. I don’t mind following you around until you can spare some cuddles, I have all the time in the world. My foster mom says I walk like I have nowhere to be and can take my time getting there, let’s just say I’m on chi time! I’m pretty low energy and spend most of my time lounging around and sunbathing. If you have a couch, bed or lap I’m there. On Saturdays, I can be found soaking up the rays on my favorite blanket and moseying to my water bowl every now and then.
Since I’m so easy going, mellow and calm, I’d be a great chi to take to work and bet I’d increase your happiness and productivity if I was your co-worker! I don’t mind doggie company, but I like slow introductions and my personal space at first. To be honest, I’m way more interested in two-legged people than four. I’d be a great companion for anyone who likes to cuddle, relax and just enjoy life!
I’m part of the Oakland Animal Services (OAS) foster program, so my adoption will be finalized through the shelter. A generous donor has covered my $135 adoption fee, therefore I’m sponsored and no adoption fee will be collected when my adoption is finalized.

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Posted: September 7th, 2016

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