July 1, 2012

Maddie’s Fund holds an annual event named Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon, which takes place the first weekend in June each year. This year, my husband and I happened to be at lunch on Bay Street in Emeryville, CA during the event and decided to walk over after we ate to see what the event was all about. At this particular location, Hopalong Rescue was there with East Bay SPCA and Oakland Animal Services showcasing several dogs and cats. All of a sudden, Lucy, the sweetest dog I have ever met, was dropped into my arms and that was the moment The Power of Chi-huahua began.

We live in Oakland, CA and are the proud guardian parents of three dogs – one Rhodesian Ridgeback and two Terrier/Chihuahua mixes (one looks like a blonde Terrier and the other looks like a black Chihuahua). I had always had big dogs and earlier this year when we decided it was time to get another since our RR is getting up there in age, my husband convinced me that smaller would suit our lifestyle much better meaning we could travel with a little dog. I did my homework and decided on the terrier mix. One day while searching Petfinder.com, I found Charlie, a blonde terrier, at All Creatures Great and Small in Hollister, CA (http://www.allcreaturesgs.org/). His sister Lily was also surrendered, but my husband took one look at her picture and said no way we were going to have a Chihuahua. I went to meet Charlie, but Lily was the one that stole my heart. After some fighting, crying and negotiating, I convinced my husband to take them both and that was where my love affair with Chihuahuas began. Since then, I’ve learned that California is overrun with surrendered Chihuahuas so not only is it tough to find homes for them all, but black dogs are the toughest. All of that said, it never fails that while I’m walking the dogs, Lily is the one who gets the most attention. As for my husband, we all know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but even he admits that Lily is his…

Now, back to Lucy (and Justin).

Lucy is a 5 year old blonde Chihuahua who was pregnant when she came to the shelter.  I couldn’t figure out if she was with Hopalong (no kill) or East Bay SPCA (some kill, but never an adoptable dog). It turns out that Oakland also has the city shelter known as Oakland Animal Services (kill shelter, but rarely for space). I thought that the SPCA and the shelter were one in the same, but not so. You can imagine my concern when I realized Lucy was actually at the OAS. Oakland has a three dog limit and to be honest, I think that’s a fair limit for the average household where both parents work. There are only so many hours in the day and we take our commitment to the dogs very seriously so three is certainly enough for us. Anyway, I decided it was going to be my mission to find Lucy a home. While checking the site/calling the shelter every day to see if she was still available, I came across Justin. Justin looks exactly like my Lily only he’s a little bigger and a little older. At this point, I decided my best move would be to become a volunteer at OAS and today is my initial orientation. Instead of pestering the poor amazing folks who work and volunteer here with daily calls and visits to make sure these two are safe, I decided it would be best to help the shelter while at the same time keeping my eye on them until I can find them both homes.

The goal of this blog is to chronicle Chihuahuas that I find at the shelter and whom I believe would make amazing pets. If you’ve never met a great Chihuahua, take my word for it that they’ll change your life. If you have met one, you certainly know what I’m talking about. They can make the roughest, toughest most confident man out there weak in the knees. They are independent, cuddly, funny and smart. With the right training, they can act just like a mellow big dog, but their size makes them the perfect travel companion, apartment dog, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit my site often. I’ll take you on my journey of learning everything I can about these fabulous little creatures and maybe you’ll find one of your own through my chronicled pound puppies.

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